Window Cleaning Equipment Needed to Clean Windows

Window Cleaning Equipment Needed to Clean Windows

Squeegees are an indispensable piece of equipment for professional windows cleaning companies. The glass on your window gets dirty very easily, and it requires a lot of maintenance. It is simply impossible to completely clean them with an ordinary cloth without staining, which once when get dried will look like the window has not even been cleaned. But squeegees have no problems with this. Squeegees have a rubber wipe that does not leave wet marks after washing and is more effective than any cloth or sponge. Professional squeegees also have special cloths made of microfiber that allow you to soak and wipe windows. Squeegees consist of three parts. In addition to the rubber, they have the handle and the channel.

The handle is used to hold the channel, while the channel supports rubber, which allows the window to be wet and clean. Older “traditional” and professional window cleaners prefer the heavier brass handle, which allows more pressure to be applied while washing windows.

Best way to clean windows is with a waterfed poleHowever, this can sometimes put a lot of pressure on your joints and cause pain in your palms. Newer models of squeegees are made of lighter materials like plastic and aluminum to get the job done faster and with less pressure on your wrists. Squeegees will make your windows look perfect and spotlessly clean.


When we talk about window cleaning equipment needed to clean windows, we must also mention the ladders. Although some windows that are highly placed will be retrieved with extension poles, there are also situations where ladders are the only possible solution. Windows at a certain height require the use of a ladder for washing. Quality ladders can save your life in some situations. For professional window cleaning ladders, it is characteristic that it will be different from ordinary home ladders. There are several different types of window cleaning ladders, which are categorized according to the complexity of the job. There are light step ladders, extension ladders, and special ladders for high altitudes.

For home window cleaning, light step ladders will do the complete job. These ladders are often used by regular people when cleaning, but they are also used by professional window cleaning services. This type of ladder can be found in sizes between 0.6 and 2.8 meters, and most professional cleaners find them sufficient for internal window washing. However, window cleaning performed at significant height requires persistent ladders with double, or triple extension. This type of ladder can be found with a maximum open weight of even over 10 meters, which will be sufficient to clear the windows to the second or third floors of commercial objects. For floors higher than these, the use of ropes is mandatory instead of ladders. Although all ladders have great stability and versatility, for windows cleaning are undoubtedly the best window cleaners ladders.

It is because these ladders are specially designed in A-shape. Their side rails merge into a triangle, allowing them to be used in tricky and narrow spaces that would not be easily accessible with a standard or extension ladders. They also have rubber to provide greater safety in damp/wet conditions.

Pure Water Window Cleaning With Water Poles

In the window cleaning industry, windows cleaning with water poles and pure water is used for many reasons. And in a short time, it has become very popular with professional window cleaners all over the world. It is one revolutionary way to exterior window cleaning for its speed, ease, safety, and of course, efficiency! The water-fed pole is suitable for cleaning structures and buildings due to filtered pure water, which is fed by a high-reaching pole. Water poles with pure water guarantee deep and complete windows cleaning.

Why are water-fed poles a good choice?

There are many reasons why water-fed poles are a good option for building cleaning:

The service is accessible to all those who pay attention to their budget

They are eco-friendly solutions; unlike harmful chemicals, only pure water is used

An ideal way to access hard-to-reach windows at a significant height

Minimally interfere with your daily activities, as there is no need for ladders or other accessories.

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