Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices

The windows in your residential building allow you to see what is happening in the outside world while remaining in the comfort of your home. But to view the outside world it is necessary to keep your windows clean. Though you can also clean the windows of your house but if you have a busy work schedule or do not like to wash windows then you can hire professional window cleaning services in your city. Usually professional cleaners charge for residential widow cleaning at the rate of per pane.


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Cost of cleaning residential windows

If you are ready to pay the professional window cleaners at per pane rate then you will have to consider certain factors that can influence the total window cleaning cost just like two panes on a double hung window can double the cost of cleaning it.

According to expert window cleaners, normally the cost of washing residential windows may vary between $2 and $7 but some of the service providers charge at hourly basis, depending again on various factors like how long they were cleaned last etc.

In fact, to maintain the beauty of your home and its windows, you should clean your residential windows at least two times in a year. It will not allow your windows to accumulate lots of dirt and debris which may take longer time to clean them. Still there are various other factors that can influence the cost of residential window cleaning.

Factors influencing the cost of residential widow cleaning

1) Location of your house or business: You will have to clean your windows frequently if it faces storms very frequently or the windows face a dirt field or construction site.

2) Amount of dirt on the window panes: If the panes of your residential windows are very dirty then they may require more time and special equipment and supplies to clean them, which can increase your cost.

3) Number of windows: The cost of commercial or residential window cleaning can also vary depending upon the number of windows in your home.

4) Accessibility: If the windows of your home are hard to reach then their cleaning cost can increase as the professionals will need special tools, more time and ladder to access the windows safely.

5) Location of the windows: The location of the windows you want to be cleaned, internal or external, can also influence the cost of cleaning them. The cost of inside windows can be lower that external windows. If you want to clean of the windows of your home then you should it done simultaneously to get it done at reasonable cost.

There are certain other things that can increase the cost of residential window cleaning like:

Cleaning screens: If your windows have screens then they should also be cleaned while cleaning windows. It can increase your window cleaning cost to some extent.

Cleaning window tracks and sills: You will have to pay some extra cost for cleaning the sills and tracks of your windows.

Removal of stains and deposits: The existence of hard water deposits and stains on your window panes can also increase residential window cleaning cost as they may require special equipment and extra time.