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Window Cleaning Techniques

Professional window cleaning is either performed using traditional methods (T-bar mop and squeegee) or by utilizing a water-fed pole system. We Do Windows’ technicians receive initial and ongoing professional training in all window cleaning techniques, and will determine the best way to clean your windows.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Successful window cleaning begins with the proper tools. We Do Windows’ technicians have access to the best and latest equipment and tools to properly and safely clean your windows. Traditional window cleaning includes the best professional-grade biodegradable soap available, bucket, tool belt, full set of squeegees and T-bar mops, scrapers, towels, bronze wool, and a few other tricks of the trade. We also have ladders and poles for hard-to-reach windows. Our window cleaning techs have cleaned tens of thousands of windows, and have acquired vast amounts of professional knowledge and skill. Your windows will look great!

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water-fed pole window cleaning utilizes a lightweight telescopic pole (e.g., carbon fiber) with a brush on the end. A plastic tube runs up the pole delivering purified, deionized water to the brush head. Dirt on the window frames and glass is removed by the deionized water, leaving the window spot- and streak-free!

The benefits of using a water-fed pole system include:

  • No cleaning chemicals used (beyond the filtration resins)
  • Safer for your property because deionized water will not harm your building or landscaping
  • Safe for our technicians due to less ladder use