Both residential and commercial property owners know the benefits of keeping windows clean. However, some owners may not see the importance of maintaining their windows. 

It is essential to hire professional window cleaning services to do the task properly and effectively. 

Here are some important reasons why it is essential to hire We Do Windows:

1. Increase Window Lifespan

Hiring a top-rated professional window cleaning company will help you increase the lifespan of your windows. Even if you have quality windows, without proper maintenance, they will deteriorate prematurely. Windows accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, debris, and hard water/mineral deposits over time that cause scratches and corrosion. 

We Do Windows will help you eliminate these problems and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 

Damaged windows will also allow moisture into your property that may cause mold, rot, or other damage. In addition, an accumulation of dirt or debris on your window units, can cause a strain on hardware leading to premature aging or operational failure. 

Also, professional window cleaning helps to prevent the strong UV rays from Santa Fe’s altitude and latitude from damaging your windows over time. 

We Do Windows cleans the entire window unit, so in addition to the glass, the window frames, sills, seals, and hardware will last longer, too. 

Our technicians will inspect each of your windows and report any problems to you.

2. Safety

Safety is a top priority on every window cleaning job. Depending on your home size or design, some of your windows might be located higher or in difficult-to-reach places.

If you clean your own windows, you will be required to use a ladder to reach these windows. Ladder work can be very risky and may result in accidents that can lead to injury, disability, or death. 

Alternatively, if you hire a professional window cleaning service, you will avoid this unnecessary risk. 

Our professional technicians are well trained in handling all situations and equipment to safely clean your windows. We are also  properly insured (workers’ compensation and liability); therefore, compensation will be made in case of any injuries during the cleaning process, and you will not be held liable. 

We Do Windows has never had an accident resulting in serious injury or requiring an insurance claim.

3. Improves Appearance

Making a good first impression of your business or home says a lot about you. For businesses, customers will judge a business based on its outward appearance. 

If your business has dirty windows, this might drive away your potential customers. While in your home, visitors will be more comfortable when your windows are clean and showcasing your property. We Do Windows’ technicians are skilled professionals, and will produce the results you expect–we guarantee our work!

4. Increase Energy Efficiency

Regular cleaning of your windows helps in increasing energy efficiency of your home or business. 

If there are cracks or damage to your window units, you will incur an unnecessary increase in heating and cooling costs. 

5. Saves time

When you hire We Do Windows, we will send a crew size appropriate for doing your job quickly and effectively.

 We will minimize the time we are in your home or business to limit any disruption. Most importantly, you will not be spending hours trying properly to clean your windows; and without the results you were hoping for. 

In conclusion, professional window cleaning is a technical skill, so we highly recommend that you hire top-rated We Do Windows to do the job properly and safely.

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