We Do Windows Santa Fe is locally-owned, and provides the most professional, reliable and competitively priced window cleaning in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. We provide residential and commercial window washing services, and specialize in cleaning hard-to-reach windows and/or windows with hard water/mineral deposit stains. We Do Windows also cleans skylights, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, interior glass and mirrors. We do post-construction window cleaning and remove debris from rain gutters, too. We also provide pressure washing services.

We Do Windows uses a proprietary cleaning process that involves going over each window pane at least four times using various techniques to safely clean the window units. We wash the entire window unit, including the panes, frames, sills, hardware, and seals. We Do Windows uses professional, high-grade window cleaning soap that does not harm the window units and is bio-degradable. In short, we do our very best to protect your investment in windows!

We Do Windows provides free estimates, customized frequency cleaning schedules based on your needs, and guarantees 100% satisfaction with our work. We are licensed and insured. References are available upon request.

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Common Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Have you ever tried cleaning a window? It is not normally easy, but when you watch a professional window cleaner clean a window, it looks super easy. How is this? We called Cody from Thee Window Ninja to ask him this question ourselves. Cody explained that he has been cleaning windows for nearly 20 years now and that his job is fairly easy. A word of caution though, Cody also told us that learning to clean windows effectively, fast, and without streaking took him nearly a year to get the hang of it. He explained it like this. If you practice something each and every day for 8 hours each day, you will most likely be efficient and good at it in a years time.

Washing windows or glass in your business or home can be such a daunting task! It will get you mad and aggravated trying to get rid of all the smearing on the glass. Let’s ask a professional how he gets windows looking perfect when he cleans them. We gave good ole Kent at Heartland Pro Gutters a call and asked how he does it. Kent immediately said, “You need the right tools!” Without the right tools you cannot do the job flawlessly. Go buy a good quality squeegee from a janitorial store and watch a YouTube video on how to clean windows. It’s that simple, he said. Well, that is insightful, but how do you squeegee a window without leaving smears? It starts by keeping the water and soap mostly on the glass and not on the window frame. The frame will bleed water back onto clean glass. WIpe your squeegee and gently and smoothly pull it down the glass from the top to the bottom all in one even stroke. Then use a clean dry rag to wipe the sides of the window to prevent drips.

The best way to wash windows is probably to watch a professional work all day and take some really good notes. OK, so what do professionals do that the general public does not do when it comes to cleaning windows. First, they clearly have high quality window washing equipment they use. Professionals use a mop to apply soap to the glass and scrub, the npull out a long squeegee and wipe all the soap away. What is left behind is nothing. Literally. No streaks or dirt! This appears to be the best way to clean windows according to Sedona Window Cleaning.